The Art of Wrestling

From 3 different dictionaries the definition of “art” :    

“The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.”

           “Creative activity resulting in the production of paintings, drawings, or sculpture.”
        “The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance.”

My definition:

Art has a different meaning to different people. That is what makes it so beautiful. Art should never be an answer; always a question. Professional wrestling is a form of art. Just like a dance battle or a Cirque du Soleil show. The days of it being classified as a “sport” is long gone. But in a way it is a sport because real, world class athletes, do live stunts in front of a live audience. My dad used to call it a “stuntman’s ballet”. Some people call it a live action sit-com. Sports Entertainment. Whatever you want to call it, to me it’s considered art. So that makes us performers/stuntmen/athletes/workers/clowns/entertainers/wrestlers/pros/actors. Now let me add artist to the list..

Now that I've established that it brings me to the “creative” part of this crazy industry. While it is like a sit-com or TV show there are multiple writers (creative team) that help the promotors write the stories to make it more compelling for the audience. While this process has made wrestling what it is today, it is the best thing that happened to it and also the worst thing at the same time. 

Let me explain…

What made the attitude era of the WWE great was that every performer was in control of their character. So if you were good at your art you instinctively knew what would work best for you. Now there were still people making tentative decisions but ultimately you went with your gut feeling and did it your way. Nowadays you do what you get told and your way (except for the hand picked ones) is the wrong way to the decision makers. That to me,  kills the art of it. It kills the flow of the art. It distorts the artistic creative mind of the performer. It’s like handcuffing Pablo Picasso and telling him to paint what you want and not what’s inside his soul. Now in the same breath I want to say that of course the system works how it is now and the Attitude Era will never be back unless the powers that be drop the egos and relinquish a slight bit of power. But it will never ever happen because of how corporate it has become. And it’s understandable cause its a business more than it’s an art form to the masses. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m merely expressing my side and my opinions and views. These are my own so if you don’t like it why are you still reading this! 

Now that I’m a free agent I have full control over my destiny and how I want to be portrayed. Because I stand up for my art. It’s not about the paycheck or the recognition for me.  I believe in my art and my abilities to entertain without restrictions. Without the proverbial handcuffs I make my own decisions and I decide what people will, or perhaps, won't like. What fans will cheer for. Or boo for. As long as I invoke some sort of emotion from the viewer then I'm doing something right. Freedom of speech and freedom of rights if you will. The fans also have the insightfulness and freedom to choose what they like without me or anybody with “creative control” forcing it down their throats. Some people need to be force fed though. Some people will follow the crowds. Some people refuse to follow and stand up and lead. In the end we all just want to be entertained as fans and as an artist (I speak for myself here) I just want to show what I'm capable of so people can either appreciate or hate my talents. 

In conclusion… Most people work for money and stability/security in life. When work becomes just that, WORK, then in my opinion you've lost your way and sold your soul. It’s like the bad guy in the Matrix movie. He knows the truth but he chooses to go back and forget the truth and just fit into society. I’m not judging those who choose to live life this way. I’m just saying that I refuse to conform to normality. So sit back and let my stupid crazy ass entertain you. I invite you to live vicariously through me. Or hate me for living in my fantasy-dream world. Whatevs. The choice is ALWAYS yours. Remember that…. ~Darewolf